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Compulsively working on YouTube: welcome


Actress Zeenat Sanu Swagta. Actress, presenter and singer in one. His new film ‘Asambhab’ released this month. Besides, he has completed the shooting of two more movies named ‘Deyaler Desh’ and ‘Manusher Bagan’. The actress spoke to Kamkal about several issues including her work.

You have not been seen in new work for a long time –
I was in UK for over a month on personal work. That’s why I couldn’t do any new work. I came to the country not long ago. Now I hope to return to the old busyness.

Recently your movie ‘Asambhab’ released. Have you had a chance to get audience feedback?
After the release, I went to several theaters and watched the movie. Due to this, there is an opportunity to get direct feedback. Those who have seen the movie are getting praises. ‘Impossible’ is a movie with an incredibly beautiful story. It highlights our great liberation war, family and travel traditions. There is love, action. That’s why viewers are watching it. It would have been more of a hit, if the situation in the country had been better. Earlier there were many halls. If only it had been there now, it would have done better against the odds. Those who buy tickets and watch the movie, this is the movie for them.

It seems that he has reduced his acting in TV dramas.
Got it right. Now I spend more time on YouTube dramas. It feels good to be busy with this new medium. Look, I once acted a lot on TV. Maybe the channelers are not taking drama because we don’t have views. Because of this, I am forced to work on YouTube. But YouTube channels are interested in doing dramas with us as we still have viewership. I have already done the dramas ‘Divorce Girl’, ‘Poor Girl’, ‘Wife Jain Chor’, ‘Chorer Mar Bara Gola’ for YouTube. These are all dramas with million views. Channel authorities will act with comedians but not create any opportunities for real performers – that’s a pity.

What about the new song?
I am appearing before the audience with a new song on the 15th of next month. Hasan Azad is my co-artist. It was intended to be published earlier. The release date of the song has also been pushed back a bit due to delays in video production.

You don’t get that in the presentation either. What is the reason for this?
Now there are many presenters. When I was presenting regularly, I didn’t mind doing many events. As presenters were less, I was forced to present at the request of the channel authorities. To be honest, there are no offers for presentations anymore. Newcomers are working for less remuneration. If you don’t get the honor you deserve, there is no point in showing your face on TV unnecessarily. All in all, reducing the presentation.

The article is in Bengali

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