Yours will burn, mine will continue, who indicated Bubli!

Yours will burn, mine will continue, who indicated Bubli!
Yours will burn, mine will continue, who indicated Bubli!

Actress Shabnam Bubli talks a lot about her personal life as well as movies. No less water was muddled with love, secret marriage, child birth, separation with actor Shakib Khan.

New musician and chief executive of Ganbangla Television Kaushik Hossain Tapas is again in the face of controversy. Although Bubli claims, there is a conspiracy against him.

Whom to feed sweet and whom to make love with, Bubli is the punch of victory
Parimani punched Bubli!

So he could not shut the mouth of the critics. The procession of harsh words is going on in the net world about the heroine. Bubli herself has noticed the issues. So this time he told his attitude towards the detractors.

On Monday, Bubli posted a video in a very lively mood on Facebook in a dancing pose. The smile on the heroine’s face was evident in the wine color lehenga. Because a song was playing in the background. The song was a response to critics’ sarcasm.

Bubli opens up about audio, points finger towards Apu Biswas In the video, Bubli added some parts of the recently viral song ‘Toder Jwabe, Amar Tatei Chai’ on Netdunia. Where it is heard, ‘Yes, burning to tell those who want to see me / Don’t PNPC, you put oil in your wheels / Those who I think are very close, my own / They are doing the stick again, beloved in front / No matter how much violence you do, I am very reckless / Fearful. No, whatever anyone says/burns you, I’ll stick with it. ‘

Fans also said in the comment box of Bubli’s video that the actress responded to the critics with this song. He also explained that no matter how much the detractors sneer at him, Bubli is just like him.

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