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Shahrukh’s birthday was also attended by Bangladeshi fans

Shahrukh’s birthday was also attended by Bangladeshi fans
Shahrukh’s birthday was also attended by Bangladeshi fans

Shah Rukh Khan is a Bollywood star known worldwide. Everyone is a fan of Shah Rukh. For some he is God and for others he is emotion. But he also never disappointed his fans, gave love with both hands.

A few days ago, on the occasion of Shah Rukh’s birthday, his fans organized ‘SRK Day’, which is done every year. But this year was a little special. This year, the hero returned to the screen as a king, gave two blockbuster hits, set records. Another new movie ‘Dunky’ is going to be released next month. Shahrukh appeared in front of his fans on his birthday to talk about the success party of ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawan’ and his upcoming movie. It would be a mistake to say meet, organized a fan meet and chatted with them for hours there. Hundreds of fans from different countries came to Bandra just to see Shah Rukh in this event. Among them were three Bangladeshis.

According to the media, one of the three is Roman Khandkar of Noakhali, the other two are Farzana Haque and AKM Solaiman of Mirpur. Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘SRK Universe’ fan group is spread worldwide, including a branch in Bangladesh, called ‘SRK Universe Bangladesh’. They got an event pass for ‘SRK Day’ held at Balgandharbha Rang Mandir Studio in Bandra, Mumbai through Faheem Aziz, the group’s admin.

Meanwhile, Farzana Haque, who lives in Juhu, Mumbai, said, “Both me and my husband are huge fans of Shah Rukh.” When the movie Jawan released we moved to Mumbai for the first day first show and had a chance to see Shah Rukh from Mannat. From there we decided to come again on his birthday. What you think is what you do. Booked a flight and left on November 1. We came to know that SRK always holds special fan meets and exchange greetings with fans, so contacted several fan clubs for event passes. After all we contacted Fahim and he arranged for us.

He further said, we were not sure whether we would get a pass or not, but our main goal was to stand in front of Mannat at 12 noon and witness the magic of the dream hero. He came in front of Mannat at 12:30 PM on November 2, it was a real experience to see him directly. Shah Rukh was shining so brightly in the crowd that he seemed to be burning from within. This feeling cannot be expressed in words. He was there for a maximum of 10 minutes and we just watched him, mesmerized. Later that afternoon me, my husband and Roman went to the venue with the pass.

There, Farzana saw Shah Rukh from the front and exchanged compliments with him. Describing that moment, he said, It’s a once in a lifetime experience. It was beyond imagination to be able to meet him in person. He patted me on the back, shook my hand and said something to me that will put a smile on my face for the rest of my life. Despite being a superstar, he made me feel like a precious person and I will cherish that forever.

Regarding what happened with Shah Rukh, he said, when we went to take pictures, I told him that I am from Bangladesh. Hearing this he said, ‘Let’s take a good picture’ and then he shook hands with me and on the way back he also said, ‘May God bless you beta, travel back safely’.

The whole event was 4 hours long. Roman Khandkar said Shahrukh Khan spent the whole time with his fans and said, I counted the whole time. He was with us for 4 hours and 10 minutes. The program started at 3 pm and he arrived around 3:20 pm. The whole moment was like a dream for me. It was a dream to see Shahrukh Khan in front, finally it came true. Thank God for this. Gratitude to Fahim Bhai.

Even though he met Shahrukh, he did not get a chance to talk. Roman said, it was not possible to talk due to the situation. But for the first time I got to see the person whom I used to see on television, on mobile and he performed, talked, chatted for us. His speaking style is very different, sense of humor is very good and he speaks very well. After chatting, he cut the cake with all of us and took a group photo with everyone. Since there were more than four hundred members, group photos were taken and this was the first time. Shah Rukh himself wanted to take a picture with everyone, which is a great find for us. This whole time will be the best memory of my life.

Fahim Aziz, the admin of the ‘SRK Universe Bangladesh’ group through which they met Shahrukh, told the media that he opened the group in 2014. Used to post various posts about Shah Rukh Khan and write about his movies. But at the end of last year Shahrukh’s fan group ‘SRK Universe’ joined and was appointed as an official branch.

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