Special message for meme winner

Special message for meme winner
Special message for meme winner

Dhallywood actress Vidya Sinha Mim acted for the second time in the movie ‘Manush’ with Tollywood actor Jeet. The film is directed by Sanjay Samaddar of Dhaka.

Mim could not attend the trailer unveiling ceremony on Friday. Meanwhile, Mim’s birthday was Friday, November 10. Jeet sent a special message on his birthday.

Jeet said, ‘Coincidentally today is Mim’s birthday. So greetings to Mim through all of you. Happy birthday mim.’

He also said, ‘Can we congratulate a little louder? Mim will like it’.

Then everyone shouted greetings.

After the release of the trailer, the makers and artists talked about the film. Regarding the name of the film, director Sanjay Samaddar said, ‘It is a human story. A story related to human life. Such as tensions, ups and downs, good and bad things that happen in people’s lives, they have come up in this film. Hence this name.’

About ‘Manush’, Jeet said, ‘This film is special to all of us. Because the day I heard the story for the first time, I thought there was something wonderful in this story. And that day we finalized that we will work on this story.’

The film is produced by Jeet himself. This is the first time a Tollywood movie has been made by a Dhaka filmmaker. The film will be released in Bengali and Hindi languages ​​in India on November 24. Along with that, Bangladesh is also supposed to be released.

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