Two months passed in search of the hero of Swastika

Two months passed in search of the hero of Swastika
Two months passed in search of the hero of Swastika

At the beginning of last September, the small screen producer Himu Akram announced the name of West Bengal actress Swastika Mukherjee as the heroine of the movie ‘Altabanu Josna Jeeni’. At that time, he did not say who will act opposite him. After that, almost two months passed. It is learned that a hero is being sought for Swastika.

Maker Himu Akram said, ‘Altabanu’s character has many layers. A strong actor is needed here as a producer and storyteller. Talked to many. A man should have three looks. It is difficult to match the character from that place. Couldn’t find anyone suitable. Because of this, two months have passed to find a hero opposite Swastika. I don’t want to be late. After a week, I will be able to tell you who is acting opposite Swastika in this movie.’

Himu Akram will make his first movie on his own story. Screenplay written by Himu Akram, Mohammad Nazim ud Daula and Mohammad Nazim Uddin. Currently the script reading session of the movie is going on.

It is said that the mysterious story movie will be shot at Shalban in Syedpur, Sundarbans, Rajendrapur towards the end of December. Along with Swastika, Iresh Zaker, Mamunur Rashid, Ahmed Rubel, Sohail Mandal and many others will act in the star-studded movie, the director said.

It is said that the movie will be released in a festival next year. Earlier, Swastika acted opposite Shakib Khan in the movie called ‘Sabar Abhi Tumi’. The movie was produced by FI Manik.

Apart from ‘Altabanu Josna Chinei’, Swastika has recently signed a movie named ‘One Eleven’ directed by Kamrul Hossain Rifat. The makers have not yet announced when the shooting will begin.

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