Srabanti posted a cute picture with whom

Srabanti posted a cute picture with whom
Srabanti posted a cute picture with whom

Entertainment Desk: Kolkata actress Srabanti Chatterjee. Always practicing with personal life. Now a new member came in the heroine’s life. He posted a cute picture of her.

This actress from Kolkata is in a very good mood lately. But he has to sweat a lot with the new film. Many things have to be covered for the movie. In the midst of all this, a new member came to his house. The heroine spends jumps time with him.

The same glimpse was found from Instagram. There she is seen in a pink dress. It is understood that it is a night dress. He took the picture when he woke up.

Adoring the new member with a sweet smile in a warm mood. This is how the heroine revealed the new member. It is clear in the picture that he is very happy to have her.

It is already known that Srabanti is a pet lover. He had three pets in his house for so long. Now one more is added.

Srabanti posted this picture and wrote, ‘Welcome to my fairy tale family.’ Many people have commented here including other actress Mimi, Subhasree.

Mimi asked, what was the name of the new member? It is known that the new member’s name is ‘Rose’.

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Note that Srabanti is a successful actress in Indian Bengali films. He started his acting career in 1997 by acting in ‘Mayar Bandhan’. His first major work was ‘Champion’ in 2003.

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