Karar Oi Louho Kapat Controversy | Kazi Nazrul Islam’s grandson has requested to remove his grandfather’s song from the Bollywood movie Pippa

Karar Oi Louho Kapat Controversy | Kazi Nazrul Islam’s grandson has requested to remove his grandfather’s song from the Bollywood movie Pippa
Karar Oi Louho Kapat Controversy | Kazi Nazrul Islam’s grandson has requested to remove his grandfather’s song from the Bollywood movie Pippa

Kazi Anirban, the grandson of Kazi Nazrul Islam, requested the removal of the song ‘Karar Oi Louhakpat’ used in the Hindi film ‘Pippa’, set against the backdrop of Bangladesh’s liberation war. Anirvan and his mother late Kalyani Kazi are among the list of thankers at the very beginning of the film.

Nazrul Islam’s younger son Kazi Anirudh’s elder son Anirban said on Saturday, “In 2021, my mother signed a written contract with Roy Kapur Films, the producer of Pippa. I was his witness. In the contract they ask for permission to use the song in whole or in part. AR Rahman will compose the instrumental for the song, the mother was very happy to think that the song will reach many more people. We didn’t think that song would be so painful!” Anirban wants to directly email or WhatsApp the makers of the film to remove the song after Kalipuja. He said, “The song should be removed. My name or mother’s name should not be used in the picture. And my mother never allowed me to distort the tune of the song. The filmmakers will have to pay for it.”

Anirban’s brother Kazi Arindam, however, said he was not aware of any deal. He said, “This song can not be tolerated! My Jyathamshai Kazi Sabyasachi’s daughter Khilkhil is coming to Kolkata soon from Bangladesh! We brothers will decide the next course of action against this matter.” 60 years of Nazrul’s death will be in 2036. Nazrul’s family claims that until then the ownership of his creation is in the hands of the family and the heirs.

Nazrul’s granddaughter Anindita Kazi said she learned that her mother Kalyani Kazi had given permission to use the song ‘unaltered’ in 2021. In this context, New Jersey expatriate Anindita writes on Facebook, ‘Questions arise, the song has been allowed to be used after taking a lot of money from the family. In that case, it is very important to know what agreement was made in 2021, then all disputes will end. And appropriate action can be taken against those who have done this against the agreement. As one of the family members, I want to see it, get it and clear it up.’ (spelling and language unchanged)

The makers of the film are yet to open their mouths. The reason why Rahman set his own tune in Nazrul Islam’s song is still not answered. According to Rahman’s close circle, he is busy recording in the studio till midnight on Saturday. Now contact with him is not possible.

Poet Jai Goswami is also saddened by the distortion of everyone’s favorite song, embedded in the history of the freedom movement of the country. He is also the chairperson of Nazrul Akademi of the state government. However, not on behalf of the academy, but as a reader of Nazrul, a listener of the song, Jay is talking about the matter. Saying, “I haven’t heard the song yet. However, imposing one’s own tune on Nazrul’s song is a kind of invasion. It’s not right. Nazrul’s song is embedded in the history of the subjugated country. A song that has traveled a long time. Rahman is incredibly talented. He is in the creation of his own tune, but why is he intruding on the tune set by Nazrul!” However, Joy said that nothing can be said on their behalf until the meeting of Nazrul Akademi is held.

An atmosphere of protest has been created between the Bengalis of the two Bengals on social media. Bharatiya Ganotantric Sangh, West Bengal Democratic Writers Shilpi Sangh also disrespected Nazrul’s revolutionary musical spirit. Bivas Chakraborty, Dilip Chakraborty and Dilip Chakraborty on behalf of artists, cultural activists and intellectuals have made a statement saying that the imposition of Rahman’s tunes ‘fails to give dignity to the emotions of the people of India’.

After Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das was arrested by the British in 1921, Nazrul wrote ‘Karar Oi Lauhakpat’ in the words of his wife Basanti Devi. Later he gave the tune. It was first published in the voice of Girin Chakraborty. On this day, a cultural organization of Chunchura protested by placing posters around Nazrul’s statue in front of Hooghly Jail. Nazrul’s brother’s granddaughter Sonali Kazi’s organization has called a protest in Asansol.

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