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The story after Faria’s marriage

The story after Faria’s marriage
The story after Faria’s marriage

A few days ago, Faria Shahreen announced that she was married. This popular actress fulfilled her responsibility with just one post on Facebook about marriage. After that, he could not be found through various means. And the eager fans were not able to know how their favorite actress’ new life is going. Finally, he explained the details in the conversation with the transformation of the country.

Faria Shahreen said that the engagement took place in 2021. Then the matter was suspended due to Corona and various problems. The family was asking to recover the cabin. So the cabin is done. Not yet performed.

In response to the question of when will the ceremony be held, the actress said, “I will hold the ceremony soon, you will receive an invitation.”

His comment on married life, I have been in love with him for four years. Then marriage. It is a kind of new experience. I did not start a family separately in that sense. This is how the house of father-in-law is now passing away. Since it is a new journey, there will be novelty, so I have adapted.

Faria Shahreen was out of the media for a long time. A Kashmiri lover comes into discussion through drama. The extent of that discussion spilled over into the role of Antara, the Bachelor’s point. Like Faria Shahreen, she has been reborn in the media as Antara. For this, the producer Kajal Arefin does not hesitate to express his gratitude to Ami.

When asked whether he has reduced his work in showbiz after entering family life, he said, I hardly work. DPL from Bangabd. After that I am doing this serial Queen Palace. This is only one series being worked on. Several plays will be made for Eid.

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