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Who fell in love with Shehnaz Gill?

Who fell in love with Shehnaz Gill?
Who fell in love with Shehnaz Gill?

Actress Shehnaz Gill recently walked in the lap of nature. Posting that photo-video on social media, he mentions his love for nature.

In the picture, it looks like nature is his new lover. Trees on both sides. Shehnaz is running through it. Seeing the smile on his cheerful face, the fans also find peace in their hearts. They also felt that Shehnaz’s lost happiness is coming back.

After Siddharth’s death, Siddharth’s mother and some close friends stood by Shehnaz’s side. Shehnaz slowly returned to the rhythm. He was followed by Bollywood actor Salman Khan. It took time for Shehnaz to regain his smile. He lost a lot of weight.

About losing weight, Shehnaz said, ‘I used to like my sweet look. Seeing a fat girl doesn’t make me disgusted. But that’s what I like.’

Small screen actor Siddharth Shukla passed away in 2021. The entire Bollywood was shocked by his death. The life of his lover actress Shehnaz Gill was in turmoil. Shahnaz-Siddharth were the participants of Bigg Boss 13 season. From there their friendship and love. After Siddharth’s death Shehnaz forgot to laugh. Shehnaz’s fans were also sad to see that. Her fans, who are used to seeing Chulbuli Shehnaz, wanted the familiar girl back.


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