Poornima got left out of the movie due to politics: Poornima

Poornima got left out of the movie due to politics: Poornima
Poornima got left out of the movie due to politics: Poornima

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Actress Poornima commented that she was left out of the film due to politics. He made this comment to the media while inaugurating a commercial establishment in the capital recently.

Purnima said, films are decreasing. Many artists have stayed at home. Many talented artists have passed away. There are some politics. Many did not get film work due to some politics. I am also a victim of politics!

He said that he was left out of the movie because of these politics and said, I know that I have been left out of some films. Although I say, I didn’t do anything but leave out a lot of pictures while I was there. It happened because there was politics. Nothing to say now. Image is reduced. FDC is also getting smaller now.

Regarding the decrease in work on the big screen, he said, the films that are happening on the big screen or the stories that are happening, maybe according to my time, my career of 25 years, I don’t get good character offers. That’s why I’m doing less. And I may not be able to match the pictures.

He said, I have done a job on the OTT platform. OTT comes with many offers. The OTT offers are the same again, I may not be able to match those characters. So the tasks are not done much.

Purnima says there are many types of stories. But can’t fit or match all characters. Or there are some scenes, personally I can’t act in offensive scenes. Since there are no sensors in OTT. It turned out that the scene was very necessary for the story. very important For one scene I might be saying no. Later maybe those who are good actresses are taking. That’s why I say – it’s my personal problem.


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