Kareena’s question to her stepdaughter, ‘Have you ever spent the night with anyone?’ What Sara said in reply


Entertainment Desk: Kareena Kapoor family actress in Bollywood is married to Saif Ali Khan in personal life. Their family has two sons. Meanwhile, his relationship with his step daughter Sara Ali Khan is also very good. Lately he is no longer seen in films, but he hosts a show called ‘Ishq’.

Various guests came in this event and openly discussed different chapters and secrets of their personal lives. Saif’s daughter Sara Ali Khan appeared in one such episode of the show. Everyone thought that the questions might not be personal in the case of a stepdaughter, but it was.

Instead, Kareena asked her stepdaughter, “Have you spent the night with anyone?” This old episode has again spread in the net world. Apart from this, Kareena asks Sara many more interesting questions. Kareena asks, Sara, have you ever sent someone a lewd message? In response to this question, Sara said, yes.

Hearing this answer, Kareena Kapoor just jokingly said, I will tell your father. In response, Sara said, ‘Sure. I think he’s watching this show.’ Then Kareena said, I will go home and tell this to Saif. Kareena then asks a personal question, “Have you had a night out with anyone?”, to which Sara says, ‘No’.

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Incidentally, Saif Ali Khan married Amrita Singh, who was 12 years older than him, at the very beginning of his career at the age of 21. After a few years of marriage, Sarah was born. He also followed the path of his parents and made a name for himself in the world of acting. Sara Ali Khan has already created a unique identity in several films.

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