Shooting for 21 hours, Shakib-Sonal sick

Shooting for 21 hours, Shakib-Sonal sick
Shooting for 21 hours, Shakib-Sonal sick

The shooting of Shakib Khan’s new movie ‘Dard’ is going on in Banaras, India. Nayak has been working there for the past 12 days. He is shooting continuously for more than 21 hours a day! In the meantime, the shooting has been affected by illness. Shakib is suffering from fever. Not only him, Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan and many of the ‘Dard’ team are now suffering from viral fever.

The film’s producer Ananya Mamun confirmed this in a post on social media today. He wrote, ’70 percent of the Kushilavs of the unit have virus fever. Shakib brother, Sonal everyone. My own 102 degrees Celsius. We don’t stop there. Everyone is drowning in grief.’

Meanwhile, Shakib’s fans-well-wishers are worried about the news of his illness. Everyone wished him a speedy recovery. Some have also praised him. Netizens are of the opinion that he is shooting even in the midst of illness because of self-sacrifice.

Notably, Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan has teamed up with Shakib Khan in Darad. The movie is jointly produced by India’s SK Movies, One World Movies, Bangladesh’s Action Cut Entertainment and Kibria Films. Shahiduzzaman Salim, Payal Sarkar, Rajesh Sharma, Elina Shammi, Jessia Islam, Alok Jain, Rahul Dev and others are acting in it besides Shakib-Sonal. The movie is slated to release in four languages ​​(Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam) in February next year.

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