After breaking up with Tutul, Tanya said, I will never belittle the father of the child


I just wanted to say one thing, I didn’t complain. I have only explained the human relationship. There is no need to spoil the relationship between people. I have never said anything negative. don’t say I can’t disrespect him because I don’t have a relationship with him. Definitely won’t do it someday. To go in a different direction or to do something, it is the right of every human being. If I want now, can’t think of anything differently? Every single person has their own rights. We Are Not Each Other With Anymore. So why should I blame this man! People want to tell me many things, but I don’t want to hear them. Because every person is different. So I don’t expect, what I want, how I want – everything will be like that. But I have repeatedly said, the person I loved, maybe the rhythm of that place has fallen. Never blamed Tutul. Tutul complained, why did I say that Tutul left me. I have never said such a thing. Tutul tried. I tried too. We both did. But maybe it was not possible to go to a stage. That’s why it’s better for two people to stay apart. It is better to be separated than to be fighting, quarreling and beating from one place.

The article is in Bengali

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