Returning to Rahul’s house, Priyanka said, I was also wrong

Returning to Rahul’s house, Priyanka said, I was also wrong
Returning to Rahul’s house, Priyanka said, I was also wrong

Pushing away all the complaints, insults, Priyanka Sarkar and Rahul Banerjee, the star couple of Indian Bengali cinema, have started a family together again.

Legal complications were an obstacle to enforcing the broken family. That problem has also been resolved by the court. In the words of these two stars – ‘Thinking about the ease of the boy, they eased the relationship.’

Earlier, Rahul talked about cleaning up the old family. But Priyanka Sarkar did not open her mouth like that. The actress told an Indian newspaper about the feeling of reorganizing the old family after 6 years.

Going back to the past, Priyanka Sarkar said, ‘I have known Rahul since I was 13 years old. Then he was Arunodaya to me. We have gone through various situations. In all these years I have had Rahul as a friend in all situations. When I was younger I liked someone else, and he (Rahul) was in another relationship. I used to discuss about my likes and relationships at that time. Then slowly we fell in love. I made a lot of trouble. As a couple, we may not have been able to take the relationship forward properly at that moment. But there was mutual respect.’

Admitting that Priyanka also had some mistakes in her married life, the actress said, ‘Many people are saying that after 6 years, we spent puja together again. But that’s not right. Because we spent the last few years worshiping together. This is where the topic of ease comes in. At one time we blamed each other. But I realized that I was also wrong. Now I try not to make those mistakes again. Rahul has also matured a lot. So I want to give him another chance.’

Earlier, Rahul Banerjee said in an Indian newspaper, ‘We are living together. Buying a flat in Priyanka’s building very soon. There were some legal complications between the two sides, that was settled.’ If so, now the couple Rahul-Priyanka? In response to this question, Rahul replied, ‘We were husband and wife, that’s what we are.’

Rahul Banerjee and Priyanka Sarkar got married for love. Their family life was going well. But after the birth of son Sahaha, their family began to crack. The couple separated in 2017.

Then they made headlines many times by making counter-complaints. Later, Priyanka filed a case against Rahul accusing Priyanka of neglecting her son Sahaj’s responsibility, physical and mental abuse.


Priyanka made her film debut with the movie ‘Chirdin Tumi Ja Amar’. He acted in a pair with Rahul. The film was a commercial success. Apart from this, Priyanka has acted with Rahul in movies like ‘Shon Man Boli Tome’, ‘Bau Bau Khela’, ‘Run’, ‘Valobasa Zindabad’, ‘Love Circus’, ‘Game’ etc.

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