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Celebrity Interview | Exclusive Interview of Tollywood actress Priyanka Sarkar dgtl


There is no end to the common people’s interest in the personal lives of actors and actresses. Actress Priyanka Sarkar’s personal life has also been heavily discussed in the last few months. After breaking the distance, the heroine is living with her husband Rahul Arunoday Banerjee again. On the one hand is the ‘plus-minus’ equation of personal relationships. On the other hand, every moment is a struggle for survival in the industry. Before the release of the new film ‘Kurban’, Priyanka was asked by Anandabazar Online.

question: Getting busy too?

Priyanka: Really busy right now. Two works were released in November. Apart from this, during Durga Puja, Diwali, we have such pressure. ‘Chhotlok’ web series was also released. It is also being promoted.

question: This is that your work is being released one after another, the films are hits or flops, do you have time to think or know all this?

Priyanka: I think even if I get a job release after a while, I do it even if I don’t get it. This is the responsibility of any professional actor. It is very important to know whether his work was accepted by the audience or not. If the audience doesn’t like it, it’s part of our job to find out why. After working for so many years, I have realized one thing that it is very important to associate yourself with the whole work, not just your character. But it takes time to reach this stage of thinking.

question: After 20 years in the industry, do you now understand why directors like you?

Priyanka: With time I realized that I have a lot of patience. When everything happens in our shooting, it is not understood. It is very important to keep your patience at that time. Those who have worked with me must have understood that. Apart from this, I realized one more thing about working, I am very committed. Many directors like to work with me because of this quality.

Actress Priyanka Sarkar in family. —file image.

question: Director Shaibal Mukherjee of your new film ‘Kurban’ is brand new in the industry. What are the pros and cons of working with Ancora Director?

Priyanka:There are many advantages to working with experienced managers. The fun of working with a new director is a completely different mindset. Newbies have a different way of telling stories. I so enjoy working with new people. Because, those who are new give 100 percent to their work. That’s better. I can happily say that I don’t give the same effort that I put into the film ‘Chirdeen Tui Ja Maar’. With age and time it has become like a job. There is an enthusiasm among newcomers.

question: Many actresses have recently said that they choose screenplays with their children in mind. Do you choose work content with simplicity in mind?

Priyanka: No, I don’t do that at all. I think this is a very bad practice. Sahaja needs to understand that I am a different person like her mother. And I want to explore Sahaja in different situations. Today’s children are already far ahead in the realm of technology. As a mother, it is my responsibility to expose him to all kinds of situations. But he can become a real person. I want to do something that he will like to see in the future. Mother says I will not do this, I will not do that, this thinking needs to be broken.

question: Box office success or critical acclaim, which is more important to you?

Priyanka: How to say! If you say something, it will be wrong. In fact, both are very important to actors. This is where the topic of working with love comes up. I want both. Both things are very important to me. So I can’t choose this way.

Priyanka Govt. —file image.

question: After 6 years again under one roof with husband Rahul. How does it feel to organize the old family after so many years?

Priyanka: I have known Rahul since I was 13 years old. Then he was Arunodaya to me. We have gone through various stages. All these years I have had Rahul as a friend. When I was younger I liked someone else, and he (Rahul) was in another relationship. At that time I used to discuss about my likes and relationships. After that, we gradually fell in love. I made a lot of trouble. As a couple, we may not have been able to take the relationship forward properly at that moment. But there was respect for each other. Many people are questioning, after 6 years they are spending puja together again, but it is not right. Because, even in these few years, we spent the puja. This is where the topic of ease comes in. At one time we blamed each other. But I realized that I was also wrong. Now I try not to make those mistakes again. Rahul has also matured a lot. So agree to give him another chance.

question: How easy is ‘easy’ in this situation?

Priyanka: Easy very easy. It is very stressful for us. Because, he is very mature. So I try to respect his likes, dislikes and opinions.

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