Bubli is ready for ‘Khela Hobe’


Shabnam Bubli is the popular and busy actress of the country. Rumor has it recently that she is in a romantic relationship with musician and CEO of Ganbangla Television Kaushik Hossain Tapas. He was very troubled by such news. But in the end it is known that this happened because Tapas’ wife Farzana Munni’s Facebook ID was hacked. Bubli said about this, Tapas Bhai and Munni Apu love me a lot. They are an important part of my family. May Allah guide those who want to achieve their interests by doing these dirty things in such a beautiful relationship of ours. The actress has been under a lot of pressure over this issue for a few days. Bubli has recently posted some new look pictures on her Facebook page amid various troubles. The pictures are now viral.

In the caption of the pictures, the actress writes, TM Films – Khel will be played. The pictures posted by Bubli are filled with many likes and comments. Many wished the actress in the comment box. One wrote, is the rumor really true? Another wrote, my dear actress so good to see you. It is known that the production of two movies was recently announced by Tapas’ TM Films. However, it was thought that with such rumors of Tapas-Bubli, the film ‘Khela Hoba’ might be missed by the heroine. However, it has been found that Bubli is ready for ‘Khela Hobe’. Also prepared by TM Films. The shooting of this movie will also start very soon.

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