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Dipzol sahib’s mind is obscene: Idhika

Dipzol sahib’s mind is obscene: Idhika
Dipzol sahib’s mind is obscene: Idhika

Producer and actor Monowar Hossain Dipzal has always taken a stand against the import of films in subcontinental languages ​​and foreign artists.

According to him, the degradation of values ​​and obscenity is spreading through it. Kolkata actress Idhika Palke, who was discussed in ‘Priyatma’ with Shakib Khan, took the last single hand. He commented that his clothes are obscene. This actress responded against this time. Recently came to Dhaka.

Idhika said about the matter, ‘He is called the lord of cinema. He is a big man. I have nothing to say about him. I am a small person coming into the industry. As far as the idea goes, I dress indecently.’

Then he asked, ‘I have only one question for him. Which is vulgar? I don’t think there’s profanity on social media or in the few jobs I’ve had so far. Which is obscene, this is the question addressed to him.’

He then questioned Dipzol. Said, ‘I would like to know one more thing personally. He is much senior than me. I did not expect such a thing from him. Obscenity is not just about clothing. It also happens in human behavior. And commenting on a girl’s dress on a public platform seems to me to be indecent.’

Idhikar’s visit to Dhaka focused on the inauguration of an institution. Apart from this, he also participated in the photo shoot. It is known that he will go to shoot a documentary film in Faridpur soon.

The article is in Bengali

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