Nabila is the pair of Marzouk in three plays

Nabila is the pair of Marzouk in three plays
Nabila is the pair of Marzouk in three plays

Nabila Islam is a small screen actress. This small screen actress is making her film debut. This actress is playing the lead role in the movie ‘Juddha Jeeban’ which is being made with government grant. In the first movie, he got the popular actor Ferdous Ahmed as a co-star. The movie is being produced by Rifat Mustafa Tina. Recently, the shooting of the first part of the movie has started in Chittagong. Ferdous and Nabila participated in it.

But the new news of Nabila is that she is acting in three new dramas, in these three plays Marjuk Russell is sharing the screen with Nabila. Means both of them together in three plays. The dramas are Nayak’s Patri Deha, Bou Ka’s Full and Cool. Nabila said, these dramas are mainly funny dramas, which we call romantic comedies.

At the same time, how did Marzuk Russell feel at the end of the three plays? Marjuk Bhai is a wonderful person. As a human being he is incomparable. I really enjoyed working with him. A lot of cooperative people, the audience will enjoy watching these three plays. My favorite job is done. It is known that the shooting of the dramas has already been completed in different parts of Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar seashores. In this context, Nabila’s commentary, location is an important factor in filming dramas. Not only the story, but also the locations of the drama will relax the eyes of the audience.

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