Mahira sympathizes with Afghans

Mahira sympathizes with Afghans
Mahira sympathizes with Afghans

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has expressed sympathy for the Afghans living in the country. He said, Afghans still need our kindness.

The actress called for more help from Afghans who have been helping her for decades. He made this call on Instagram. The post included a picture of the popular actress wearing a United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) jacket, with some Afghan women surrounding her.

‘Nobody leaves their home by choice,’ writes Mahira, UNHCR’s National Goodwill Ambassador.

He takes pride in highlighting Pakistan’s ‘tradition of hospitality’. He said that Pakistan has provided security to Afghans for four decades.

Among those who are returning home are people who still need our kindness and compassion, he said.

The actress expressed fear that they may be in danger if they return.

After taking power in Afghanistan for the second time in August 2021, the Taliban imposed strict Sharia law in the country. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans are believed to have fled to Pakistan after the Taliban regained power. However, due to decades of ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands of Afghan citizens are already living there.

For this reason, Pakistan is said to be one of the largest refugee sheltering countries in the world.

Afghans are being forced to return home from Pakistan due to the dire economic crisis in Afghanistan and the Taliban government’s restrictions on women.

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