Unable to show acting skills due to lack of opportunities: Salha Nadia

Unable to show acting skills due to lack of opportunities: Salha Nadia
Unable to show acting skills due to lack of opportunities: Salha Nadia

Salha Khanam Nadia. Photo: From Facebook

Salha Khanam Nadia has returned to Dhaka from Cox’s Bazar after finishing the shooting of a new drama. Based on the upcoming Valentine’s Day drama, she will be seen opposite Ziaul Farooq Apurba and Azad. The story also features Tanjim Sayara Tatini, Manoj Pramanik.

According to Nadia, it can be called a pentagonal love story. Who loves whom, who is with whom – this is where much of the story is hidden. Stories cannot be shared right now. So much can be said, the story of liking, love, story of not being found.

Nadia will share the screen with Apurba after almost four years through this drama. He said, we did a photoshoot last but if we talk about the drama, it was four years ago.

Salha Khanam Nadia. Photo: Courtesy of the actress

Talking about her recent engagement, the actress said, ‘I started a beauty salon a few days ago. To say that now I am busy with business, apart from that drama is being done. The song shoot for ‘Sunetra Sundaram’ in Kolkata is pending and may be completed by December or January. It would have ended earlier, now that the World Cup is going on, there is a little complication with the visa. Besides, after many days, I made two advertisements. There was a gap for a long time but now I have started working again.’

Last month, Salha Nadia won the Daily Star OTT Award for Supporting Actress for the web film ‘Redram’. He said that the success party of the event was on Tuesday. Nadia said, ‘Today we organized a success party for those who got the award. Afran Nisho bhai, Vicky Zaheed bhai, Mehzabeen, I were all there. I had a lot of fun, chatted. It was a great moment.’

Salha Khanam Nadia. Photo: Courtesy of the actress

Meanwhile, Nadia said that the amount of work has been reduced a lot. According to him, the scripts he is getting are not for him. The ‘Redrum’ famous actress said, ‘I don’t know why, I don’t feel like doing the stories I am getting now. I am looking forward to working with good producers.’

After ‘Redram’, why you were not seen on any web, Nadia said, ‘I want to work. There is a desire. I think producers are probably more comfortable working with a pair. I have done only one OTT and got an award for that. The audience liked my work, the jury liked it. I proved that acting is a little under control. If someone thinks of me as a character, I will definitely try to do it with 100%. If you don’t give me a chance, I won’t be able to show my acting ability. But I am hopeful, in the future, work will come in OTT.’

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