Sriparna Roy | Aiburobhat video of actress Sriparna Roy gone viral in the set of Star Jalsha’s Gaantchora serial dgtl


Wedding preparations are in full swing. Actress Sriparna Roy’s Iburovat episode started on the sets of ‘Gantchara’. Right now, she is known as Rukmini in the industry. Everyone knows that the heroine is getting married in November. Only two weeks left. Shooting is going on. In the middle of it, Iburobat eating is going on. The team members of ‘Gantchara’ decorated the panchbanjan and fed the beloved heroine. Everyone had cooked something from home. The video of Sriparna’s first Iburovat episode has gone viral. A garland of marigold flowers around the neck. Different types of padas arranged on earthen plates. Did Sriparna finish all the food? And what items were on the menu?

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Sriparna was contacted through Anandabazar Online. The actress said, “I love to eat. So I ate all the posts. Those that I could not eat I took home. Srima had cooked great chicken from home. I sat on the seat made by my uncle. Apart from that, who is our hairstylist, she brought cooked paneer. The rest cooked different kinds of padas. Now I am getting invitations from various places. But it is not possible to go everywhere.”

The heroine will take leave from November 25. The actress will return to shooting after her honeymoon. He plans to go to Vietnam and Thailand on his honeymoon. But Sriparna is reluctant to reveal more than that right now.

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