When is Amir’s ‘Love Buzz’ coming, who is staying?

When is Amir’s ‘Love Buzz’ coming, who is staying?
When is Amir’s ‘Love Buzz’ coming, who is staying?

A story of friendship. He has a sense of humor and a bit of love. By the way, the producer Kajal Arefin Ami has shown surprise in this. Both dramas named ‘Bad Baz’ and ‘Good Baz’ are being talked about in last year’s two Eids. Which received a record amount of response after the campaign.

Ami announced the new project on Monday (November 6). It is called ‘Love Buzz’. Based on the announcement, he was contacted for details. He told the Bengali Tribune that the story is currently being refined. The camera can be opened by the end of November.

Ami also gave some idea about the context of the story. It’s like, “The story of this franchise is actually about friendship. First I showed the story of a Bad Buzz among them, then came the Good Buzz. So in both the stories I have focused more on the place of friendship. Now I want to highlight the profit angle between them. That’s why the decision to release on Valentine’s Day.

Those who were in the previous two dramas, many of them are staying this time too. But some changes will also be seen. Producer Ami confirmed that Ziaul Haque Palash, Parsa Ivana, Safa Kabir, Sharaf Ahmed life is final for now.

Kajal Arefin Ami in shootingThe location is one of the attractions of the ‘Buzz’ franchise. In the first play Rangamati, in the second play the wonderful beauty of Cox’s Bazar has come up. Where is the destination this time? Amir’s reply, ‘I really want to keep it a secret. It is also a surprise in this project. And the audience will see that in the play.’

Note that Club Eleven Entertainment’s YouTube channel has 22 million views of ‘Bad Buzz’ and 28 million views of ‘Good Buzz’. The new drama will also come on this channel.
Meanwhile, Kajol Arefin Ami has recently finished shooting for a web film titled ‘Asama’. It is currently in post production. They said that they will also go abroad with the film for better editing.

Tariq Anam Khan, Eresh Zaker, Tasnia Farin, Monira Mithu, Intekhab Dinar, Runa Khan, Sharaf Ahmed Jiban and many others are in this film. It will be released on the web platform Banga by next December.bad buzz

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