It is disrespectful to Shakib and Bangladesh: Mathews

It is disrespectful to Shakib and Bangladesh: Mathews
It is disrespectful to Shakib and Bangladesh: Mathews

Angelo Mathews’ ‘timed out’ in the discussion over the win-loss of the Bangladesh-Sri Lanka match. Usually the cricketer who performs in any match is sent to the post-match press conference. However, Mathews appeared in the press for Sri Lanka yesterday after being dismissed controversially.

The Lankan star appeared to be seething with anger when he arrived at the press conference. It was then assumed that Mathews came to the press conference to vent his anger about being ‘timed out’. In the press conference, he was also asked about that issue. In response, this Lankan cricketer expressed his frustration. Matthews said he did nothing wrong. In his words, “I have not done anything wrong. There are two minutes to get ready at the crease, which I did. It was an ‘equipment malfunction.’ I don’t know where the ‘common sense’ thing went. Because, it is definitely disrespectful to Shakib and Bangladesh. If they want to play cricket like this and come down to this level, something is terribly wrong.”

Mathews claimed that he was ready two minutes before. He said, ‘If I was late and didn’t go in two minutes, the law says to go in two minutes, I got there in two (one) minutes 45 or 50 seconds. Then I had a problem with my helmet. I still had 5 seconds left. The umpires also told our coaches that they did not notice the problem with the helmet. I just wanted a helmet! It is all about ‘common sense’ here. I’m not talking about mankading or obstructing the field. This is pure common sense and a disrespect to the game. It’s totally disrespectful.’

When Sadira Samarawickrama was caught by Shakib in the second ball of the 25th over of the Lankan innings on Monday, Mathews entered the field shortly after. Although he took some time to tackle the ball. His Anna had a problem with the helmet strap, kept changing it. When ready to face the ball, Shakib pleads for a timed out. Umpire Marais Erasmus had to declare a timed out as the fielding captain did not give up. International cricket saw such an out for the first time.

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