Al Pacino | Al Pacino girlfriend Noor Alfallah enjoys a fancy dinner in Los Angles after godfather actor agrees to pay 25 lakhs per month dgtl


Hollywood legend Al Pacino. The actor became a father again in 83 years. Last June, 29-year-old girlfriend Noor Alfalla gave birth to Ali’s fourth child. The son has been named Roman Pacino. Ever since the news of Noor’s pregnancy came to light, there has been a lot of talk about them. Al and his relationship broke up after one month of the mother of Vishali Noor. Noor also demanded financial compensation for the sake of the child. Noor demanded a monthly allowance of Tk 25 lakh for the child. Al recently accepted his girlfriend’s demand. After that, the actor’s girlfriend Noor had fun at the party.

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A few months ago it was reported that Ali has no plans to marry Noor, the mother of his fourth child. That’s why he got out of the relationship. However, he took responsibility for Noor and son Roman. The actor’s girlfriend was spotted with his brother Nasser on Sunday. They were spotted at a luxury restaurant in Los Angeles. Noor spends a long time in the restaurant where famous Hollywood stars come.

Al will have to pay about 25 lakh rupees when Roman and Noor go for a month. But before that, he will have to pay a one-time sum of 91 lakhs. It does not end there. Al has to deposit 12 lakh rupees regularly for his son’s education. Apart from that, the Hollywood star will pay around Rs 75 lakh to Noor and Roman at the end of the year depending on their annual income.

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