How much more sneaky!

How much more sneaky!
How much more sneaky!

Actress Janhvi Kapoor is having a good time. He currently has more than a dozen movies under his belt due to the success and appreciation of his last released movies. Along with Bollywood, South movies have also been added to that list. All in all, he is at the best time of his career.

Many are thinking that these big budget and talked about movies will change the picture of his career. But in the meantime, this actress came to the headlines again in love news. Although there are rumors of her romance with several heroes, she is again discussing about Shikhar Paharia. Their love has been an open secret in Bolipara for several years. They have been seen together at various places and events. Although they are avoiding the issue from the beginning.

Janhvi continues to call Shikhar a ‘family friend’! But this time the secret is no longer in the wash. Shikhar recently appeared at Janhvi’s sister Khushi Kapoor’s birthday event. Janhbi-Shikhar was caught very close there. As soon as the pictures spread on social media, the fans took a liking to them. Besides, they are also explaining the hiding of the favorite star in various ways.

According to them, Janhbi-Shikhar has come a long way in secret despite denying it. The couple may make an official announcement soon.

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