Katrina shared the experience of that scene with a towel

Katrina shared the experience of that scene with a towel
Katrina shared the experience of that scene with a towel

Katrina is appearing with ‘Tiger 3’ paired with Salman Khan. After the success of the first two films of this franchise, they are coming up with the third installment.

The trailer of the movie has already received a huge response from the audience. Where one scene separately caught everyone’s attention. Originally, Katrina will be seen fighting in a towel in a part of the movie ‘Tiger 3’. Where he is opposite Hollywood stuntwoman and actress Michelle Lee. That’s what came up in the trailer.

Since then, that scene is widely practiced in the fans. In a recent interview, the actress shared the experience of how Katrina fought on a towel.

While Kat says, ‘This scene was difficult to work on, as it was filmed in a steamy bathroom. Punching, kicking or jabbing was challenging because of the steam. I don’t think Indian cinema has seen such a scene before, where two women fight in towels.’

It is known that this scene was shot in September 2021 in Turkey. It’s not just an ordinary action scene. Katrina and Michelle trained for long with action director Si Young for this scene. From kicks to punches, many things will be seen in this scene.

Katrina said that she loves to act in risky scenes. He comments, ‘I have always loved working on risky action scenes. And this franchise (Tiger) has always given me such opportunities. The audience will see, like a man, a woman can fight equally.’

It is to be noted that ‘Tiger 3’ is the fifth movie of the spy universe of the production company Yashraj Films. It is produced by Manish Sharma. Apart from Salman, Katrina, Emraan Hashmi, Ashutosh Rana, Revathi, Ranbir Shorey, Vishal Jethwa, Riddhi Dogra will be seen in important roles. The movie will be released on November 12.


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