What Apu Biswas said about Bubli-Tapas love


The love story of actress Bubli with Bengali singer Kaushik Hasan Tapas is a hot topic.

Tapas’ wife Farzana Munni made this explosive claim with a post on Facebook a few days ago. There he mentioned that Bubli once destroyed Apu Biswas’s family, now he is trying to destroy my family.

Shakib Khan’s ex-wife Apu Biswas was silent on this. Finally he opened his mouth. Said to the media, ‘I never want to say anything about this. Since my name is mentioned in the post, I don’t have to say anything. The truth will come out soon.’

Earlier on Friday (November 3) in a midnight Facebook status, Munni wrote, ‘Taaps and Bubli are in love. The way Bubli broke Apu Biswas’s family, mine is also breaking. Shakib Khan got pregnant by blackmailing him. Now his goal is tapas. If something like this happens to me, it will be the responsibility of Tapas and Bubli.’

However, the post was deleted shortly after it was posted. However, that night the screenshot went viral on social media.

Meanwhile, Munni in another post claimed that Facebook ID was hacked. He wrote, ‘An incorrect status was given from my profile last night, which you all have seen. My account was hacked. It is now under my control. Everything is fine now. Thank you all.’

On the other hand, two movies were announced recently from Tapas’ TM Films. Parimani and Shabnam Yasmin Bubli will be seen in the movie ‘Khela Hobe’.


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