Amitabh used to go to college to see his daughter

Amitabh used to go to college to see his daughter
Amitabh used to go to college to see his daughter

Entertainment Desk: Kaun Banega Crorepati is not only played on the stage, sometimes on this stage Bollywood Shahensha Amitabh Bachchan also reveals various unknown facts about him. Amitabh occasionally started chatting with the contestants sitting in front of the hot seat. That’s when various interesting facts about him came up. For example, some information about Amitabh’s college life was leaked recently.

Amitabh’s job at KBC is not just to sit in the moderator’s chair and throw questions one after another into Gurugambir’s throat. Sometimes he also has to face counter questions. As seen in a recent promo, Amitabh Bachchan went back to his old days when asked by a contestant. It was there that many secrets of his college life were revealed.

Did Amitabh have a girlfriend in his college life? Would Amitabh be happy if he saw a good girl? This veteran Bollywood actor answered all such questions. She said that the sister school of the school she used to study in was located on the nearby hill. There was a deep chasm between the two mountains! If you can get through it, you can see the girls!

Amitabh said that he used to risk crossing Panchil and try to find his lover among those girls. After listening to Amitabh’s words, the stage of KBC burst into laughter. After listening to him, the contestant said that Amitabh was a ‘playboy’ during his school life. Amitabh also laughed hearing his words.

Earlier, many unknown facts about Amitabh have been revealed on KBC stage. There, the audience got to know the story of various ups and downs in his life. Amitabh’s funny words, they laughed and laughed. Many times Amitabh’s eyes watered when he remembered the old struggles in his life.

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Again, he shared various detailed stories about his married life, interesting stories about Jaya Bachchan with everyone. This is how Amitabh has become the heart of Koun Banega Crorepati. This competition is unthinkable without him. He is not just a questioner, Amitabh is the main USPE of this reality show.

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