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Speculation on Munni’s status, about

Speculation on Munni’s status, about
Speculation on Munni’s status, about

With a commitment to produce films of international quality, TM Films announced the start of the journey in September 2019 at Ganbangla Television’s Music for Peace Concert in the presence of local film stars. But due to the corona epidemic, the production of the company was delayed.

However, TM Films has entered the film production this year. Recently the production company announced the production of two movies. Its a ‘game to be’. Which is being produced by Tanim Rahman Anshu of ‘No Dorai’ fame. But the interesting thing is that through the movie, the two star actresses Parimani and Shabnam Yasmin Bubli will be seen sharing the screen for the first time!

The shooting of the movie was supposed to start in India by the end of last October. Such news is published in the media. After that nothing is known about this, but this time TM Films Chairperson Farzana Munni gave surprising information!

Shakib Khan’s ex-wife Shabnam Yasmin Bubli is in love with Tapas! Tapas’ wife Farzana Munni said this in a Facebook status. Although the status is not visible now, its screenshot has spread in the net world.

Where Munni writes, Tapas and Bubli are romantically involved. Bubli destroyed my family. Just the way he destroyed Apu Biswas’ life. Shakib Khan got pregnant by blackmail. Now his target is tapas. Tapas and Bubli will both be responsible if anything happens to me!

Farzana Munni’s mobile phone could not be reached even after several calls to know about this. Even sending small messages on his number and WhatsApp did not get any response. On the other hand Tapas’s mobile phone was found switched off, text messages to him also got no response.

Meanwhile, calls and text messages to Bubli also got no response.

But according to Gunbangla sources, someone or some group, jealous of the successful progress and reputation of Farzana Munni and Kaushik Hossain Tapas, published a status that hacked the ID of Farzana Munni. It has not yet been revealed who or who did it. Work is going on in this regard.

Bangladesh Time: 1233 hours, October 04, 2023

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