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Did Saif-Kanya lose to Sachin-Kanya?


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November 4, 2023 10:31

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(From left) Sara Tendulkar, Shubman Gill and Sara Ali Khan. Photo: Collected

On the one hand, the whole of India is in the heat of the World Cup. Along with that another practice is going on. Sachin-daughter Sara Tendulkar and cricketer Shubman Gill’s love. Sachin and daughter came to the field to watch Shubman’s game. Sara’s facial expression changed every time she ran. Everything is caught on camera. A few days ago, Sara-Shubman was seen at the Ambanis’ function. However, the cricket star was unprepared after seeing the camera. But every time Sachin-Kanya seems more confident about Shubman.

But in the middle of this love episode, another Sara was found. She is the daughter of Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan. Rumors of Shubman’s relationship with Bollywood actress Sara were also heard. They also went on a ‘date’ a few times. At one event, he replied by making fun of love with Sarah. But the way Shubman is often seen with Sachin’s daughter at the moment, some guess that Shubman is having fun with Sara Tendulkar and not Sara Ali!

But why Sara Tendulkar went ahead. A few months ago, Sara came to the promotion of her film and said that she has no problem in marrying a cricketer. When asked about the rumors of her relationship with Shubman Gill, Sara’s answer is that she has not yet met the person of her heart. Meanwhile, the Nawab-daughter has been seen spending time in the restaurant with Shubman several times. But suddenly Sachin-Kanya stole all the limelight. Whether it’s wishing a cricket star on his birthday or sharing a photo from the same place while traveling — it’s all very suggestive. It is well understood that another Sara has maintained a good distance between Sara-Shubman’s intense love.

Sara Ali was seen on the ramp at the event where Sachin-Kanya and Shubman were caught together in public at the Ambanis event. But they avoided each other. Also, Saif-Konya kept herself to herself since Sara Tendulkar increased her visits to the cricket field, even though she was seen a few times before. After the start of the World Cup, Sara left for pilgrimage. He returned and focused only on work. Whispers are heard, among them, the new friendship with ex-boyfriend Kartik Aryan or the place of Sachin-Kanya in Shubman’s mind.

Someone said that Shubman might be interested in Sara because she is the daughter of Sachin Tendulkar. Meanwhile, Saif-Kanya announced that she is still single. But Sara Ali Khan moved away when he broke his heart?

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