Shakib Khan gave good news

Shakib Khan gave good news
Shakib Khan gave good news

This Eid movie ‘Priyatma’ was released in India on Friday. This is undoubtedly good news for Shakib’s fans across Bengal and Indian Bengali speaking fans.

Dhakai movie superstar Shakib Khan shared this good news for Indian movie lovers on his Facebook page today (November 3). Regarding the release of ‘Priyatma’ in India, Shakib wrote in his status – ‘Priyatma’ is being released in India today. All the Bengali speaking people there are invited to watch the movie.

It is further informed in the comment room of status, “Priyatma” is being released in Kolkata, Assam, Tripura on November 3 (Friday) after being soaked with love from all over the country. Hall list of Tripura will be informed later! It will be released in some multiplexes in Kolkata on November 10.

The movie ‘Priyatma’ is currently releasing in more than 30 theaters in West Bengal and Assam, India. Shakib also released a hall list along with his status. It is written in which theaters it is being released.

This is also good news for the Bangladeshi film industry. Because the Indian audience is waiting to watch a Bangladeshi movie. On the other hand, the news of the release of a Bangladeshi movie in a country with a huge market like India is also a matter of pride.

In November 2017, a new movie called ‘Priyatma’ was announced by Shakib Khan’s production company SK Films. It is directed by Himel Ashraf. The story is written by Farooq Hossain. Apart from directing, its screenplay and dialogues are jointly written by Farooq Hossain and Himel Ashraf. The movie is produced by Arshad Adnan.

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