‘Himu exposes in front of lover’

‘Himu exposes in front of lover’
‘Himu exposes in front of lover’

Dhaka: The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB-1) arrested her boyfriend Mohammad Ziauddin alias Rufi alias Urfi Zia in connection with the suicide of actress Humaira Himu at her residence in Uttara of the capital.

Based on preliminary interrogation of Urfi Zia, RAB said that the actress was addicted to online gambling called Himu Bigo.

He has collected at least 40 lakh taka in 2-3 years including about 21 lakh taka in the last 4 months. Before this, boyfriend Urfi threatened Zia to commit suicide 3-4 times.

Finally, on Thursday (November 2) during an argument between them, Himu still said that he would commit suicide. But Urfi Zia did not care. But Himu committed suicide by hanging himself in front of Zia.

RAB’s Legal and Media Wing Director Commander Khandaker Al Moin said these things in a press conference organized in the capital’s Caravanbazar RAB Media Center on Friday (November 3) evening.

He said that in Himu’s suicide incident, his aunt became the plaintiff and filed a case at the capital’s Uttara Paschim police station accusing Urfi Zia of abetting suicide. As a result of which Urfi Zia was arrested from Banshal in the capital on Friday (November 3).

Based on the initial questioning of Urfi Zia, he said that Zia got married to Himu’s cousin in 2014 and within a few days their marriage broke up. Himu met Zia through family relations. Himu and Jia were in regular contact despite Jia’s breakup with Himu’s cousin.

Himu got married in 2000 and divorced in 2005. Later, a man named Tawfiq became a good friend of Himu. They had a good relationship. However, Taufiq committed suicide in 2017-18, after which Himu broke down mentally. Since then, Himu had a good relationship with Zia.

Although Zia got married elsewhere in 2020, she maintains regular contact with Himu in various ways. Between them, a close relationship is formed from 4 months ago. At one point, Zia promised to marry the victim and started visiting her house regularly.

They often quarreled and quarreled over various issues. Ziauddin also said that for the last 2-3 years, Himu has wasted a huge amount of money by getting addicted to online gambling on the Bigo Live app. Even on these issues, arguments and defilements were created between them at various times.

During interrogation, Zia said that Zia went to Himu’s Uttara house at 3:30 pm on Thursday. Later Himu and Zia had an argument over issues including online gambling and Himu broke up. Himu Bagbitanda at one stage brought a ladder from outside the room and entered the room. He told her that she would commit suicide by hanging herself with a plastic rope already tied to the ceiling fan of the room.

However, Ziauddin RAB said that Himu said that he would commit suicide 3-4 times before, but he did not commit suicide later. This time too, like before, when told about committing suicide, he did not give importance to the matter. But after a while he saw that Himu had really leaked. He then tries to bring Himu down but fails.

At this time, Zia called Himu’s makeup artist Mihir who was in the next room. Later, Mihir brought a bow from the kitchen and cut the rope and lowered him down.

Later, with the help of Zia, house janitor and Mihir, Himu was taken from home to a hospital in Uttara of the capital, where the doctor declared Himu dead. Jia ran away with Himu’s two mobiles and Himu’s car when the doctor said to call the police as a suicide case.

The RAB official said that Mohammad Ziauddin had completed ‘O’ level and used to trade in textile chemicals. Himu fled with the car and left it in the parking lot of his house in Uttara. After that Mobile 2 fled to Banshal area of ​​the capital with the intention of selling it. He was arrested from there.

In response to a question, he said that Mihir used to stay at Himu’s house as a makeup man. The actress was also taken to the hospital on May 22, 2018, where Tajin later died. Our detectives are working on Mihir. Since Urfi Zia has been made an accused in the case, he has been arrested. Our detectives are working on how much Mihir knew about the incident. It is being investigated whether he is involved in this incident or not.

In response to another question, he said that the cause of death will be known after a thorough investigation. He said that Jia was sitting on the bed in Himu’s room at the time of the incident. Zia did not care because he had threatened to commit suicide 3-4 times before. In the meantime Himu hanged on the rope saying ‘I can’t die, can I see?’ Evidence of social media messages between Zia and Himu has been found.

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Bangladesh Time: 2045 hours, November 3, 2023

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