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Tanya gave good news

Tanya gave good news
Tanya gave good news

Singer and music director SI Tutul and actress Tanya Ahmed have been in the headlines for a long time due to the issue of separation. In the meantime, Tanya gave the good news.

Recently, during a media interview in the country, Tanya said that she is going to work in a new movie. He said, I am acting in a new movie. The name of the movie is ‘Taap’. Everything has been finalized by now.

It is known that the film will be produced by Suman Dhar. He has made a web film before but this time he is going to make a film for the first time. The shooting of the movie will start in Chittagong by the end of the year.

In this context, Tanya Ahmed said, I am talking to the director for two consecutive days. wanted to sign But after moving to the United States, it no longer happened. Usually in the movies of our country, hero-heroine based stories are seen. It is a parallel story of two women. Then went to a line and met. This aspect of the film’s story is the most remarkable to me.

Talking about her role in the movie, Tanya said, I think that at this age I will not act as a heroine. I want to do something like this, through which I can express my personality.

As I have done in Raihan Khan’s film, there is a hero-heroine there too, but the other character, I have done one of them, the other is Misha Saudagar bhai. If we exclude these two characters, the story of the film will not stand. I want to do something like this.

Producer Suman Dhar said that Tanya Ahmed is one of the two central female characters of this movie. I will start shooting the movie from Chittagong at the end of the year.

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