What Raj said about Sunerah and Tanjin Tisha

What Raj said about Sunerah and Tanjin Tisha
What Raj said about Sunerah and Tanjin Tisha

Actresses Tanzin Tisha, Nazifa Tushi and Sunerah Binte Kamal’s ‘secret’ photos and video clips have been leaked on social media. Sunerah bint Kamal blames Raj’s wife Parimani in this incident. Because of this, Parimoni is angry with Soonerah.

Shariful Raj opened up about these photos and video leaks amid Sunerah-Parimani’s repeated allegations. He claimed that the video leak of actors Sunerah and Tanjin Tisha was not from his ID. Raj also said that his Facebook ID was not hacked.

Parimani’s husband also said that the videos that were posted from my Facebook ID were not actually from my ID, that is for sure. I don’t understand what’s going on. I am trying to figure out the whole thing.

Videos on Facebook are also deleted after some time of posting. Raj said about this, I don’t know that either. I have not posted anything from my id. Later I heard it was deleted. I’m embarrassed about the whole thing. Since morning I have to face many questions.

About the pictures and videos, he said, Sunerah and Tanzin Tisha are my very good friends personally. I did a great movie with Sunera. But I did not work with Tisha; But we are all good friends. I am embarrassed myself. The way people are talking about everyone is really uncomfortable.

Raj also said that it will be five years, during the shooting of ‘No Dorai’. I didn’t plan to shoot anything, but I don’t even know how to explain it after all these years.

However, the videos have been made on the streets of Dhaka in the guise of being funny. There was no purpose. To be honest, they are my close friends. These videos are not made for any purpose. Worse still, these video footages are not even on my current mobile phone. How these videos spread is the big question. I lost my previous phone a long time ago. There are some people who have spread these videos.

Raj said that he had spoken to Sunera after the video was leaked, and Sunera had made the call. He asked me, what are these? Everyone is embarrassed.

However, I have not seen Raj’s statement about Sunerah’s post on Facebook hinting to Parimoni. I will understand after watching.

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