Mahi’s 21 minute 23 second video goes viral (VIDEO)



Acting in the media, the real life levels of some people in this world are dramatized. Although they want to hide the real facts, their behavior or behavior indicates the reality. Mahiya Mahi is one of their actresses.

This successful heroine of Dhakai movie is currently busy with her husband, family and children. Although sometimes he is seen coming forward in various issues. Chief among these is political activity. Apart from this, he is very active on social media. He shared his stories with his fans.


Following this, he came live on social media on Tuesday (May 23). In the caption, he wrote, ‘Raqib Sarkar is giving henna on his hands as he can’t campaign in heavy rain’. He spent time with his fans in this live of 21 minutes and 23 seconds.

Mahi said live, ‘People give mehndi on moon night but this time Rakib didn’t give me mehndi. I was also angry and did not give henna. To counter this I applied henna to my own design. So Rakib was waiting for a long time when the color of the henna given to him would turn out, and he would give me henna. Now if it is not moon night, henna cannot be given, so Rakib said today is a kind of moon night in Gazipur. Because, (May 25) city elections. So henna can be given now.’ Apart from this, he spoke on various other topics.

Incidentally, Mahir’s dream has come true by getting businessman and politician Rakib Sarkar as her husband. This actress has performed Umrah with her husband. They often travel to different places. Sometimes with friends, sometimes just the two of them. All in all, Mahi-Raqeeb’s married life has become great. It is clear from various social media posts that she is very happy with her husband after marriage. Netizens are constantly watching the love of this couple.

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