Irfan Sajjad lost two unborn children


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Popular actor Irfan Sajjad and his wife Sharmin Sajjad were expecting twins. But the dream of seeing the child’s face was not fulfilled. The couple lost two children in a miscarriage on Friday (May 5).

On Tuesday (May 23), Irfan Sajjad gave a status by sharing a picture on his Facebook. In the caption, the actor wrote, I named them ‘Priya’ and ‘Maya’. They became more beloved to Allah.


In this context, Irfan Sajjad said, my wife Sharmin Sajjad has been ill for the past one and a half years. He was undergoing regular treatment at Apollo Hospital in Chennai. In the meantime, I came to know that my wife is pregnant. And that’s why I didn’t work like that for the last year and a half. Always tried to give time to family.

The actor also said that the flight ticket from Chennai to Dhaka was confirmed on May 5 at noon. But suddenly that morning my wife fell very ill. After that, he had to undergo a major surgery after being admitted to the hospital. But the doctor could not bring our 6-month-old baby to the light of day.

He said, at that time my wife’s physical condition was so bad that the doctor had no other way to save the children. My wife is still sick. His treatment is ongoing. Realizing what a child is. We do not have the mental state to express this feeling in words. Please pray that I can return home soon with a healthy wife.

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