Actor Irfan Sajjad lost 2 unborn children

Actor Irfan Sajjad lost 2 unborn children
Actor Irfan Sajjad lost 2 unborn children

In the game of breaking up the family in showbiz. Popular TV drama actor Irfan Sajjad and newsreader Sharmin Sajjad were living happily for a long time. The news of the arrival of the first child in that happy world adds another level of happiness to their family. They were expecting a child. His wife Sharmin is 6 months pregnant. But, Irfan Sajjad had to succumb to the cruel irony of fate. The actor lost two unborn children in a miscarriage on May 5. He did not see the face of the unborn child. Suddenly, a black shadow of darkness descended on the world of happiness. Irfan’s life turned upside down in an instant. Their twin children did not get the chance to see the light of the world. All the plans and dreams of the two families to welcome the new guest were shattered.

Today (May 23) Irfan Sajjad posted a photo on his personal Facebook. And in the caption of this photo, he wrote, ‘I named them Priya and Ma. They became more beloved to Allah…!”

Since then, many people have been praying for sympathy and his family in the comment box of Irfan Sajjad’s Facebook post.

Irfan Sajjad was contacted based on the Facebook post. he BBS Bangla Said, ‘My wife Sharmin Sajjad has been sick for one and a half years. He was undergoing regular treatment at Apollo Hospital in Chennai. Meanwhile, I found out that my wife is pregnant. That’s why I didn’t work like that for a year and a half. I have always tried to give time to family.”

He also said, ‘The flight ticket from Chennai to Dhaka was confirmed last (May 5) afternoon. But suddenly that morning my wife fell ill. After that, he was quickly admitted to the hospital. After that, he underwent a major surgery. But the doctor could not bring our 6-month-old baby to the light of day. My wife’s physical condition was so bad that at that moment the doctor had no way to bring our child into the world. Currently my wife is sick now. His treatment is going on, realizing what the child is, this feeling is really indescribable. Please pray that I can return home soon with a healthy wife.”

Notably, Irfan Sajjad won first place in reality-show Emami Fair and Handsome- Channel I Handsome the Ultimate Man competition for men organized for the first time in Bangladesh in 2013. After that he is the regular face of films, commercials and plays. And Irfan Sajjad’s wife Sharmin Sajjad worked as a newsreader for private television channel I.


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