The cheapest electric car coming to India! See how much the price has been kept

Kolkata : Cheapest Electric Vehicle (EV) Coming to India! That’s the indication from Tata Motors. India’s leading commercial vehicle maker Tata Motors is reportedly planning to launch India’s cheapest electric car. According to sources, Tata plans to keep the price below Rs 12.5 lakh.

Recently Tata Motors ‘Passenger Vehicle Business’ (Passenger Vehicle Business) director Shailesh Chandra said that their company will launch an electric car at a lower price than the Tigor EV.

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Tata Motors’ cheapest car currently is the Tigor EV. Its starting price is Rs 12.5 lakh. As a result, it is understood that the price of the new car will be lower than this

Chandra also hinted that Tata Motors’ next electric car could be a hatchback. ‘Hatchback’ is a special feature. It has a rear door that opens upwards, and the seat can also be folded down. He said the company aims to sell 50,000 electric vehicles by fiscal year 2023. Tata Motors has sold 17,000 electric cars. They are looking to set a sales target of 50,000 cars in the next financial year.

The Mumbai-based carmaker was the top seller of passenger electric vehicles in the domestic market last fiscal, according to early 2022 data. They received bookings of 5,500-6,000 cars from February to April this year.

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Tata Motors sells three electric products in the domestic market — Nexon EV, Tigor EV and Xpres-T. It recently announced a coupe-style SUV, which it plans to launch within the next two years.

Apart from this, Shailesh Chandra said Tata Motors is also planning to use Ford’s Sananda segment

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First published: September 21, 2022, 14:32 IST

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