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170 km mileage on full charge, Splendor new e-bikes hit the market

170 km mileage on full charge, Splendor new e-bikes hit the market
170 km mileage on full charge, Splendor new e-bikes hit the market

Once upon a time the violence of commuter motorcycles was limited to the IC version only. Technology-driven 2023 is also changing the definition of people riding in vehicles. Nowadays many people are becoming conscious about the environment. And this number is increasing day by day. Consumers are now preferring battery powered two wheelers. It has low fuel consumption and is also environmentally friendly. Therefore, various companies are showing their courage to step in this field. This time, Pure EV has announced the launch of a new electric commuter motorcycle. Named – Pure EV ecoDryft 350. It is priced at Rs 1.30 lakh (ex-showroom).

Pure EV ecoDryft 350 launched

The ecoDryft 350 has come up challenging the 110 cc petrol powered commuter bikes. It promises a range of over 170 km on a full charge. The company claims the IC will save Rs 7,000 or more in travel costs compared to motorcycles. It offers a 3.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, with an output of 3 kW (4 bhp).

With 40 Nm of torque, the Pure EV ecoDryft 350 is capable of reaching a top speed of 75 kmph. It has three riding modes available. While on the road, the driver can choose the mode according to his needs. Again there is reverse mode. That is, it can move backwards like a car. The list of features includes Coasting Regen, Hillstart Assist, Downhill Assist and Parking Assist. The company said that the smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) present in it will help to increase the battery life.

Incidentally, this e-bike has been brought in the market by challenging Hero Splendor, Honda Shine, Bajaj Platina. Pure EV offers the opportunity to bring the ecoDryft 350 home with a monthly installment option of just Rs 4,000 per month. Currently, it is being bought from more than 100 dealerships of the company in this country.


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