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This Mercedes car will run on an electric turbo charger

This Mercedes car will run on an electric turbo charger
This Mercedes car will run on an electric turbo charger

Mercedes is a popular name in the world of luxury cars. As the brand is ahead in the market of petrol, octane or diesel powered cars, it also wants to be at the top of all electric cars. That’s why the electric turbocharger Mercedes car came to the market.

Mercedes AMG C43 model has recently arrived in the market. A step ahead from the usual electric car, Mercedes Benz brought new technology car.

The Mercedes C43 model will run on an electric turbocharger. Where the electric turbocharger will run the four-cylinder car.

It will not run on batteries or charging cables. Performance cars like the AMG C43 have been powered differently this time.

The most talked about aspect of the C42 AMG is definitely its powertrain. Because it will be powered by its new electrified four-cylinder engine. Earlier this sedan ran on 6 cylinders.

The company says the technology is more complex. In this, the car will take the help of an electric turbocharger. The car’s turbo charger is coupled with a mild hybrid system for more electric power.

The new engine gets a lot more power with 408 bhp of power and 500 Nm of torque. This engine will leave behind the previous 6 cylinders. This includes electric turbocharger technology, which is also offered in F1 race cars.

Driving experience says that the power delivery is much sharper. The electric turbo will make this car work as powerful as ever. It is able to perform like a performance car.

The Mercedes C42 AMG gets a 9-speed automatic gearbox and has the FourMatic system, which gives great grip and makes it more stable than before. It is light and capable of quick shifts with a small power engine. Even if the car changes speed quickly, you don’t feel unstable in the car.

The new car looks sportier and stands out from the crowd of such cars. You will get the sportier feel of the C-Class in this car. Here you will notice the bigger intake with panamericana grill, different headlamps. Of course, the quad exhaust pipes, rear diffuser hint at more performance.

The company has kept the layout the same inside. But you will get AMG themed graphics here. A flat-bottom steering wheel with a muscular grip will give you more confidence to drive. The company has given sports seats in it. Apart from luxury features like a high-end Burmester audio system, the car also comes with more expected features.

The price of Mercedes C43 MG car is more than one crore rupees.


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