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Tata Technologies To Launch IPO On 22 November 2023 Check Details

Tata Technologies To Launch IPO On 22 November 2023 Check Details
Tata Technologies To Launch IPO On 22 November 2023 Check Details
Tata Technologies’ IPO is finally confirmed. Tata Group’s IPO is about to come after almost 20 years. Multiple media reports have claimed that Tata Technologies’ IPO is set to open on November 22. Investors have till November 24 to subscribe. Interestingly, investors were eagerly waiting for this IPO. Speculations about this IPO of Tata Tech have started since last few months. Tatara applied for this IPO on March 9 this year.

Tata Technologies is a subsidiary of Tata Motors and through this IPO, the Tata Group has decided to list Tata Technologies as a separate company on the stock market. There are many investors, who are thinking of investing in this IPO. It is important for them to know more important information about this IPO.

Tata Technologies’ IPO is coming entirely through an offer for sale. This means that Tata Motors, Tata Capital Growth Fund-1 and Alpha TC Holding are going to sell their shares through this issue. According to the information provided to the market, a total of 60,850,278 equity shares will be sold through this IPO. Out of this, Tata Motors is going to sell 46,275,000 equity shares, Alpha TC Holding is going to sell 9716853 equity shares and Tata Capital Growth Fund 1 is going to sell 4858425 equity shares.

Tata Tech IPO: Tata Technologies IPO is coming in November! Find out how much the price might be
According to a report, the Tata Group is in talks with some American hedge funds including Morgan Stanley Investment Management, BlackRock to invest in this IPO.

Tata Technologies IPO is coming in November

There is good news for investors in Tata Motors

Investors who own shares of Tata Motors can profit from this IPO. Because 10 percent equity shares will be reserved separately for Tata Motors Limited shareholders, the report claims. As a result, it is believed that they will get this IPO easily.

Know about Tata Technologies

Tata Technologies is a subsidiary of Tata Motors. The company offers engineering services as well as solutions in the tech field. Taking into account the company’s revenue, the company’s revenue has grown by 25 percent to Rs 4,418 crore in FY2023. Out of which the profit of the company was Rs.708 crore. In terms of profitability, the company’s profit has increased by around 63 percent.

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