China’s jewelry industry is gaining strength in technology-driven manufacturing


China’s jewelry industry is gaining strength in technology-driven manufacturing

November 6, CMG Bangla Desk: China’s gold jewelery manufacturing industry is strengthening as a result of adopting new techniques and technology-driven production processes.

The Shuibei area of ​​Shenzhen in South China’s Guangdong Province is a famous jewelry center. The gold jewelery manufacturing techniques of the region are constantly being improved and modernized. Shubei’s gold processing plants have also taken the initiative to incorporate various modern technology-based equipment and are also adding digital aspects keeping in mind the various market needs.

Specifically, using computer numerical control or CNC machines to produce a visual effect or design like a diamond on a plain gold.

“Diamond-shaped gold gives people a new feeling,” said Xiao Qingming, head of the production center of Shenzhen Xingkuangta Jewelry Industrial Co., Ltd. This is the exception. This is made by this CNC machine behind me. It works very well. Because more than 100 cutting facets have to be engraved on a small gold surface.”

Today, various technology-based production processes are also strengthening the traditional production processes.

Shenzhen Fenghui Jewelry Co., Ltd. combines 3D printing and hand-carving to design a pair of golden mandarin ducks. This combination of both methods is significantly increasing the production capacity. As a result, a person can produce at least two to three pairs of items a day, a significant change from the previous manual-only manufacturing methods.

Ye Xiangchou, chairman of the firm, said, “This craft used to be completely hand-made production-dependent. Ancient Chinese goldsmiths used various traditional techniques to produce gold. As a result the production process was relatively time consuming. However, now we are manufacturing accurately on a large scale using technology based intelligent machines. Currently we can make around 2,000 bracelets of any design in a day.”

According to the latest statistics released by the China Gold Association, the country consumed 835.07 tons of gold in the first nine months of 2023. Of this, 552.4 tons were gold ornaments.


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