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‘Comet’ hits India, damages multiple companies, kills middle class


Now there is good news for those who wanted to buy an affordable electric car. MG Dhumketu EV has been launched in India. The electric car is designed for people who travel up to 50 km per day and need a car for daily errands. This new car will prove to be an affordable and good electric car for the middle class people. The company said that the monthly charging cost of the car is around Rs.519.

This EV will be available in 5 color options. Out of which you can buy it in green, black, silver, white and black-white colors. In this small car you are given only two doors and can travel up to 4 people together. It also has 12 inch wheels.

The length of this electric car is 2974 mm, width is 1505 mm and height is 1631 mm, wheelbase is 2010 mm. If you have ever seen the old Tata Nano car, it is smaller than the Tata Nano. You will find many great features in MG Comet EV. You get the instrument cluster, infotainment system and floating dual screen that comes with a large 10.25-inch touchscreen. A total of 55 apps can be used in it.

The MG Dhumketu EV has a 17.3kWh battery and the company claims it will give you a range of 230km once fully charged. There is a 3.3kW charger to charge the battery. The battery takes 7 hours to fully charge. But it does not support fast charging. You will get an automatic gearbox in this EV car. The car starts at Rs 7.98 lakh, which is its ex-showroom price.


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