Which is the most popular scooter of Yamaha?


Science and Technology Desk: Japan’s famous automobile brand Yamaha sells motorcycles as well as scooters. You will be surprised to know that Yamaha has a scooter that outsells the R15 and even the FZ model. The name of this scooter is Yamaha Razr.

Demand for Yamaha bikes and scooters is increasing worldwide beyond Japan. That is practically evident in the sales figures. Yamaha is known to bikers all over the world for their super sport high-performance bikes. But recently a scooter has taken that place. Razr models of scooters have outsold popular bikes like Yamaha R15 and FZ.

Yamaha has sold 64 thousand 182 units of Razr model scooters in India last September.

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The model won the title of the company’s best-selling two-wheeler in September this year. Compared to last year, the sales rate has almost doubled this year.

It is followed by the Yamaha FZ model. Yamaha R15 is also in the list of best selling models.

Lots of people bought this scooter in 2023. A departure from the traditional design, the two-wheeler has been loved by many for its rough and tough look and great finish.

This scooter gives a mileage of 66 km per liter of fuel. Disc and drum versions of this scooter can be purchased.

The scooter has 21 liters of under seat storage. There are also multiple features and specifications including automatic headlamps, USB charging, analog instrument console.

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