Mobile Data: Mobile data is burning! How to save precious data? Know the easy way – how to control data usage on your android phone

Data is at your fingertips these days. Almost all telecom companies offer unlimited data plans. However, even if it is unlimited, there is a small knot inside it. That is to say, a certain amount of data as monthly or daily even if it is updated. And after that data limit, the net connection does not stop, but it drops to such a low speed that it becomes difficult to use.

Meanwhile, these days all the hifi mobiles have big displays. Where each task consumes a large amount of data. And it is often difficult to fit within the fixed data limits. Not just work. This data is also used for our entertainment. Watch a movie or play a series, half of the data is consumed. And if you have a habit of playing games, then there is nothing to say. If you want to maintain the entertainment, you have to count the charges outside the plan. If using prepaid plan then you have to recharge to get additional data. Postpaid is more of a problem. Additional charges may apply for additional data. Apart from watching serials or playing games, mobiles also burn data. However, the amount of data consumption can be controlled from the mobile. how Let’s learn some quick tips instead.

Rush on data consumption from mobile.

You can easily control data consumption on Android phones.

  • First go to Settings. Go there and go to Network/SIM/Internet option and choose Data or Data Saver option. You can also search by this name in the search bar.
  • Now you will get Data warning & limit in Internet option
  • You can set the data cycle duration by going there and going to Mobile data usage cycle
  • Now go to Set data limit and enter the desired data limit.
  • You will get a warning from the mobile if you are going to spend data beyond that limit.

You can also easily reduce data consumption by using data saver mode. Actually mobile always consumes data for various information and data sync. That sync can be turned off by going to data saver mode option.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Network/SIM/Internet option.
  • From there go to Data Saver option and turn it on.

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In many cases, the app keeps updating automatically. In that case, you can easily turn off the update using mobile data. Use a Wi-Fi network instead.

  • Go to Settings and select Network preferences.
  • Go there and select Wi-Fi for these three options – App download preference, Auto-update apps, and Auto-play videos.

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Also, many apps consume a lot of data internally. Only if you can identify and uninstall those apps. Your data will be saved as well as the mobile charge.

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