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While waiting for a haircut in the salon, you can read a book

While waiting for a haircut in the salon, you can read a book
While waiting for a haircut in the salon, you can read a book

Chittagong: Almost everyone has the experience of catching cereal while getting a haircut at the salon. Many people are busy with their mobile phones while waiting.

In such a situation, not in the virtual world, the pages of books have the opportunity to lose themselves in the salon!

Such is the scene of ‘Cheragi Hair Cutting Salon’ at Azadi Gali, Cheragi Pahar in the city. Salon libraries that started from Noakhali have spread to several countries.

A self with several books was seen in that salon. There are several books on different subjects. At the top of the shelf is written ‘Salon Library Worldwide’. BanglaNews spoke to the beauty salon. They said the selfie was given a month ago. There are multiple books. People come to the salon and read the books Those who read ask various questions. Want to know how the books came here?

Narsundar Akash of the salon told BanglaNews that hair is cut according to the serial. Hair cut has to wait. Then people read with books. However, the number of daily newspaper readers in Salon is very high. A customer who has read a book once, comes back to the salon and reads the book. This has also benefited us, there is no tension with the newspaper.

It is known that on the personal initiative of poet Golam Mawla Jasim, on June 20, 2018, an exceptional initiative named ‘Salon Pathagar Sangha’ was launched with the slogan ‘Read leisurely’ by distributing books and almirahs at Ratan’s salon in Maijdi Thana area of ​​Noakhali district. This exceptional salon library operates in the salons of the Bangladeshi community abroad, beyond the borders of the country. Each salon offers 25 to 30 books on a variety of subjects. No controversial or religious books are kept there.

The books of poets, writers, writers and novelists of Bangladesh and national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam and world poet Rabindranath Tagore are placed here. Books by contemporary authors are also kept.

Entrepreneur and Coordinator Golam Mawla Jasim said there are 52 ‘Salon Libraries Around the World’ across the country. Among them 10 in Chittagong city. Besides, there are salon libraries in Sandwip, Dhaka, Noakhali, Comilla and Feni. Apart from Bangladesh, there are currently salon libraries in four countries of the world – 1 in South Africa, 1 in New York City, 1 in Singapore and 3 in India.

Dulal Hair Cutting in Nagar Dampara, Pooja Hair Cutting in New Munshurabad, Habib Hair Cutting in Colonel Hat, Gents Parlor in Foy’s Lake Area, Men’s Hair Cutting in Wireless Junction, Cheragi Hair Cutting in Cheragi Pahar Junction, Fancy Hair Cutting in Chowkbazar, Sapna Hair Cutting in CDA Area, This library is located at Manjar Cutting in Halishahar and Krishna Hair Cutting Salon in Momin Road.

Poet Golam Mawla Jasim told BanglaNews that currently the word and place called Pathagar is disappearing. Our next generation will hardly recognize that there was a place called library. From that thought, I started the ‘Salon library around the world’ program. Continuing this activity in my personal finances. I will continue this activity as long as I live.

He also said that the readers of books are disappearing day by day. Therefore, the habit of reading books should be developed by eliminating reading aversion. People come to the salon to get their hair cut and relax for some time. A book is being handed out at this time. If people spend this time with books, the practice of reading books will increase.

Regarding the activities of Salon Library abroad, he said, many of our known relatives and friends live abroad. Selfies and books are sent from the country to salons in Bangladeshi community areas. Again I gave money to acquaintances, they themselves made salon library.

Mosharraf Bhuiyan Palash, Chief Coordinator of Salon Library Worldwide, told BanglaNews that the current generation is now too dependent on online. Due to the use of social media, the way of communication and daily life of the young generation is changing. So Salon Library program was started to increase interest in books. We think, through this, people will be interested in reading books.

Bangladesh Time: 1120 hours, September 4, 2022

The article is in Bengali

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