Another festival before Puja! At the Ganges Art Gallery, a different kind of exhibition happened

One more joy before Puja With the smell of new clothes, a novel exhibition was organized at Ganges Art Gallery Suchanda Banerjee was the host of the entire event

What was not! This exhibition created the standard of beauty and elegance Popular faces Pushpak Sen, Jina Tarafdar came Many known influencers of the city came They all come, shop Chile Vodka Chocolate was a very popular item A brand from Mumbai also came It was a skin care brand The wedding season is about to end after the puja And who doesn’t want makeup An NGO that works with specially abled and backward women, also came to the exhibition There were many organizations For example, Gunjha colthing brand, Oli, Praagya, Shradhyas, Royally homemade, Manja, The charkha, Shobory, Aura creation, Kalpa, Motif by chandreyee, Roy’s tea, Beyouniqe jewellery, Savory (chocolate specialty chilli vodka/ Liquer chocolate), Kusumbela ( Handmade jewellery, Studio sanjh jewellery

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Organizer Suchanda Banerjee said, “Everyone is from Kolkata. Now they want to do something of their own. My only wish was to give a place to the newcomers. I wanted the newcomers to work. Everyone said they were happy. Namrata Raut, Prakriti Sengupta helped a lot in the whole process.”

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First published: September 10, 2022, 08:08 IST

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