The central Shaheed Minar is decorated with a touch of color

The central Shaheed Minar is decorated with a touch of color
The central Shaheed Minar is decorated with a touch of color

Published: 20 February 2024, 13:10

February 1st is the bloody day of mourning with the glorious memory of language movement. On this day, to pay respect to the language martyrs, the premises of the central Shaheed Minar in the Dhaka University area is becoming colorful with the artist’s paint. The five pillars and the altar of the Shaheed Minar are painted with washes. The surrounding walls are also painted. Artists are thinking about it. At the same time, different slogans of the language movement and special lines of poetry are being written.

These scenes were seen on the ground on Tuesday (February 20) morning.

Artists are drawing Alpana. Photo: Nasirul Islam

Arts related are proud to be involved in the organization of honoring language martyrs. Shubhrat Pal, a former art student, was working with paint. He said, ‘I have been involved in this work for the last eight years. Every year I drop my other jobs to do this. For those of us who can speak the mother tongue, it’s nice to be involved in honoring their memory.’

The walls around the Shaheed Minar are also painted. Photo: Nasirul Islam

The artists said that Alpana will also be painted on the streets of the Shaheed Minar area by Tuesday afternoon. Sumaiya Sarkar, a student of the university, said about painting Alpana, ‘Alpana is painted every year around the day. I always try to stay. It is an honor to be involved in the work.’

Language movement slogans are being written on the walls. Photo: Nasirul Islami

Professor Nisar Hossain, dean of fine arts faculty, said, ‘About three hundred people, including teachers and students, participated in the decoration of Shaheed Minar. Now the wall painting is finished. Various aspects including language movement and liberation war have been highlighted there. Apart from this, several works are going on in the physical education center. Alpana work has started from this morning. Several teachers and students also participated there. Hopefully, all the preparations will be completed before the evening.’

Language movement graffiti is being painted on the walls. Photo: Nasirul Islam

In this regard, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Habibur Rahman said that there is no security risk around International Mother Language Day and Martyr’s Day. Still, the police have analyzed all kinds of security threats and taken measures. There will be four levels of security to ensure smooth completion of all events.’

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