Why does Sachin’s sculpture look like Smith?

Why does Sachin’s sculpture look like Smith?
Why does Sachin’s sculpture look like Smith?

The sculpture of former legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was unveiled at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai in the middle of the World Cup. Sachin himself inaugurated it at home before the India-Sri Lanka match on Thursday (November 2). However, many have found similarities between Sachin’s sculpture and Australia’s star batsman Steve Smith. Which is viral on social media.

Before the India-Sri Lanka match, Sachin went to the Wankhede outfield to play kirtan and play drums in the presence of photographers, television crews and police. After pressing the button, he unveiled his sculpture in the flash of fireworks. The sculpture was created by local artist sculptor Pramod Kamble. The statue of Sachin is located near the Tendulkar stand at the Wankhede Stadium.

Tendulkar playing a straight drive, one such moment is sculpted. However, many people are finding Smith’s similarity with the pattern of the face under the helmet. Wisden editor Laurence Booth shared a screenshot and wrote, ‘The choice of Steve Smith to install the sculpture at the Wankhede in Mumbai is quite interesting.’ However, some people are trying to explain the fact that Sachin and Smith’s looks were very similar when they were young.

Meanwhile, after the inauguration, Sachin said, ‘This is indeed a special moment for me. Whenever I come here, I calm down. Every time I come to this field, many pictures, wonderful memories come to my mind. It is a special honor for me to walk on this field, which has given everything in my life.’

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